Polished magazine, 1920’s, by a woman of the ’30s?

A new collection of women’s newspapers from the 1920s has been released in the New York Times Book Review.

Titled “Women’s Magazines: 1920’s,” the collection includes essays on “Woman and Womanhood,” “The New York World,” “New York Women” and “The World of the Women.”

The collection includes articles on women of color, women of science, women in journalism, and women of the arts.

The collection also includes essays from American and British women, including women of colour, from the US and the UK.

The Women’s Magazine of the Year is selected by an international panel of editors, publishers, and historians.

The first issue of the women’s mag was published in September 1924 by Women’s Publishing Co. The magazine was originally named “The Woman’s” because it featured a women’s section, and featured women’s essays.

The Women’s magazine of the year is selected through an international selection process.

The awards are presented at the National Book Awards in New York.

The winning issue will be awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Included in the collection is a 1920’s edition of the Ladies’ Home Journal, published by Harper’s Weekly.

The women’s home, a popular women’s weekly, also published a 1920s edition, and this is the first time that the collection has been collected in its entirety.

The New Yorker magazine is also included in the publication of the anthology.

The publication of this book will mark the first-ever Women’s Weekly anthology in the United States, according to the Women’s Press.

In addition to the anthology, the book will be published in two companion volumes.

“This will be a wonderful resource to our readers and the readership of the magazine, and to the broader women’s community,” said Women’s Editor in Chief Lauren O’Brien.

The collection also has some other notable contributors, including writers Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Mitchell, and Rosalind Wiseman.

“The women’s rights movement was born in the 1920’s and it was a movement for women, women’s health, and for a new, better, and more powerful woman,” said author and feminist author Angela Davis.

“As a writer and a feminist, I feel the women in this book are telling us what we need to hear and what we should be listening to in the coming years.”

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