Toronto women’s publications to lose advertising revenue after new government policy

TORONTO — Canadian women’s newspapers will have to cut advertising revenue to cover the costs of an advertising campaign to combat a policy that allows businesses to ask their employees to leave if they report abuse, the Toronto Star reports.

In a statement released on Friday, the Women’s Equality Campaign said it would not be able to operate as usual in a number of cities.

It cited a series of new federal legislation, including the new Safe Streets Act, as one of the reasons for the change.

Under the Safe Streets Law, companies can now ask workers to leave a workplace if they believe they have been physically or sexually abused.

The law also provides for fines and other sanctions for employers who do not comply with the requests, including fines of up to $5,000 for companies that do not follow the policy, and a ban on employees from reporting harassment to authorities.

Under new legislation, employers can ask employees to report suspected abuse, but the law does not provide a mechanism for an employee to seek help or refuse to work.

The new Safe Street Act is aimed at ending sexual violence and harassment, and provides fines of $100 for businesses that do so and $50 for those that do nothing.

According to the government’s website, the goal of the legislation is to “help prevent, investigate, and prosecute acts of sexual violence, harassment, sexual assault, and related crimes.”

Under the new legislation that was announced on Thursday, a company can ask a worker to leave the workplace if she feels the company has been unfairly treated, but only if she has been informed of that allegation in writing.

The new law allows for a worker’s name to be withheld if she objects to the request.

The Toronto Star also reported that other Canadian publications have also announced that they will no longer accept ads from the companies who ask their workers to report sexual abuse.

In addition to the Toronto Sun, the National Post, and the CBC, the Globe and Mail and other publications have announced that the new policy will end their ads with advertisers.

The CBC also reported on Friday that it would cease advertising on the website of a local newspaper that has asked its employees to quit their jobs over allegations of sexual harassment.

In response to the new law, the CBC has said it will not pay any more money to advertisers.

“The CBC is not going to be able pay our ad revenue in a way that would impact our ability to offer stories about this issue in a timely and effective way,” said CBC News public affairs director Paul O’Brien.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Toronto Mayor John Tory said the city will have more ads on its website as the policy goes into effect.

“It’s very important that the ads that are going to come in, and that’s what we’re trying to get done, and we’re going to continue to make sure that we get ads on our website,” he said.

Toronto’s police union is among those calling for a change in the law.

“The Toronto Police Service does not need more money from advertisers to be in business,” said union president Mike McCormack.

“Our membership is growing, and if we don’t have more money for advertising, then we’re not going there.”

“We’re not seeing any change in our membership at the moment,” said police union president Ron Chan.

“We’re seeing more and more ads.

We’re seeing the kind of advertising that is going to help the community.”

Chan also said that the union’s members would be the ones to decide how to spend the money.

“If the money we have goes to the city, we’ll use it to pay for policing and to improve our services,” he told The Guardian.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is also criticizing the legislation.

“As a matter of public policy, we need to have a law that protects all people,” said the commissioner in a statement.

“There is nothing in the Safe Street legislation that requires a complainant to report an alleged crime in a workplace, and yet the Government of Canada is attempting to impose a blanket mandate on employers.”

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