How to navigate a sexist news environment

NEW YORK — — New York magazine is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its inception on Friday with a new collection of covers by the magazine’s oldest women’s magazines.

“You are who you are, whether you want to be or not,” says the cover that reads, “No One Likes a Woman Who Looks Like a Man,” which has been printed since 1946.

The cover shows a young woman standing with a male colleague in a white lab coat and a red shirt and lab coat.

The caption reads, “‘You are the one you know you are.’

That’s the motto of the women’s liberation movement.”

The magazine has been published in nearly every country in the world and is owned by New York-based publisher Macmillan.

The women’s issues are often considered to be the most significant female voices on the planet, and the magazine is considered one of the most influential publications on gender issues.

But the women-only issues have come under scrutiny, with a recent article in the New York Times reporting that editors have said that the magazine has a bias against women.

The article reported that women writers who are featured in the magazine tend to be male.

According to the Times, a Macmillian spokesperson said that “women are just as deserving of representation as any other group of people.”

“We are not anti-woman,” the spokesperson said.

“We understand that women are important to our business, and we have an obligation to our readers to be sensitive to that.”

Macmillon did not respond to a request for comment.

In its 100th issue, the magazine was awarded the “Women in the World” prize for “Women Who Look Like Men.”

It also won the “Best Magazine in America” award in the category of “Best Women’s Magazine.”

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