How women can be more successful than men in tech: An

by Shashi Tharoor article When the term “female” is thrown around, it can seem like an oxymoron.

In the same way that it has been used to describe people of colour, it is also used to refer to women.

The term, in itself, is loaded.

It is an insult to those who were not born into the traditionally male sphere, or those who came of age in a time when gender segregation and oppression was the norm.

When you are a woman in technology, you are not a member of the tech world.

If you are, you will never be as influential or successful as a man, the way that a man is.

And this is not an argument about whether women are better than men, it’s an argument based on the fact that, if you look at the numbers, women make up a smaller percentage of those in tech than men.

This is not to say that there aren’t people who have excelled in this field, but we should not assume that a woman can or should succeed in tech, regardless of her background.

We should not think that if we look at those numbers, we can just assume that women are equally capable.

And what we see is that, in fact, women are at the bottom.

For many of us, being a woman was the first step towards becoming a successful woman.

As we know, women still struggle in a lot of ways, but the fact remains that the vast majority of women do not succeed in the tech sector.

The reason for this is simple.

We are not given a fair chance to succeed.

The reality is that women and girls who are born into a patriarchal society, are denied the right to be educated, to access healthcare, to earn a decent living, and to enjoy their families.

We live in a world that does not accept women, let alone our aspirations, as equal to men.

As a result, women who aspire to succeed in technology are left with a lot to learn and struggle through, as we are told we are only good for “making more money”, which is a phrase that is not helpful.

For a woman to achieve success, she has to be willing to work harder, to give more, and be willing for a bigger share of her income to be taken from her.

And the result of this is that she is often left behind.

This leads to a lack of ambition and a lack in ambition leads to more problems.

The lack of education and skills, the lack of job security, and the lack in opportunities means that women often do not have the chance to make a mark in the world.

As the founder of The Women’s Tech Hub, a platform that aims to empower women in the field of tech, I feel that it is my duty to tell my story.

The journey of a woman who has worked in the industry and helped others to realise their dreams has been very challenging, as she is still struggling to make her mark.

I wanted to share this journey to help others understand the struggles faced by women in technology.

In her first interview after joining the company, a young woman from the US described the challenges she faced as a young, ambitious woman.

In my first interview with her, I heard a lot about the struggles she was going through, and in her response, she was quite candid and detailed about her own experiences.

The problems faced by the young women in India are similar to those faced by my friends, who, when they joined the startup, had similar challenges to mine.

My friends were from an upper-middle class family, had never had much of a formal education, and had no real experience in the company.

As they entered the startup and the company was getting funded, they faced the same challenges that my friends were facing.

And as a result of their struggles, they had a much more difficult time achieving their goals.

And because the women in their group were all from the same backgrounds, the experiences that they had together were shared by all of them.

The stories I heard from the women were often similar to the stories that I had.

For the most part, they were from a family that did not support them, and were not supported by their families or friends.

And they were not even able to afford their own travel and housing to the startup.

I am so thankful to the women who are working in tech and helping others achieve their dreams.

We need to look at our own situation, not just in the country we live in, but across the globe, and work together to realise our dreams.

In India, the young woman I met in my first meeting told me about the obstacles she had to overcome as a woman.

Her father had died, her parents had left her, and her parents were not supporting her.

She was very, very, confused about what to do with herself, and she had very little education.

She had never spoken much English, and could not understand what was going on in the business. She

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