What the heck is the ‘Japans First’ magazine?

A woman who calls herself the ‘Japanese First’ was among those who celebrated the 100th anniversary of Japans first English-language magazine Japana with an online video.

The video, which was posted online on Tuesday and shared on Twitter by the Japanas first English language magazine, Essentials, went viral.

The woman, identified only as Jang, said the online video, in which she was the voice of the magazine, was the first time that a woman had been heard by the public to speak of the Japanese first English magazine.

“It was very special for me because I feel like this is the first one that’s been published and published in English.

I think it’s very important to be able to talk about this,” she said.

The Japas first English journal, Japna (literally, “first English”), was published in 1894 and was widely read and enjoyed by Japanese people and their neighbors.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Jang also spoke about how important it is for people to learn about Japanese culture and history and to be aware of the problems that Japanese people face.

“Today we are facing a lot of challenges, but I think that the Japanese First magazine is very important,” Jang said in the video.

“We want to say that we are here to support our Japanese people, our Japanese community and also to show the Japanese people that we understand them.”

Jang spoke at a ceremony in Tokyo to mark the anniversary of the publication of Japonics first English publication.

Her comments were met with cheers from the crowd of Japs.

The first Japanyan newspaper published in Japan was published on June 6, 1894.

Japanas First English was launched in the United States on November 6, 1897 and went on to be published in over 200 countries.

The website for the Japonic First English journal says it has been translated into Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

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