Woman who said she was abused by her father told CBC News

A woman who said her father beat her, then starved her and raped her says she told police she had a history of domestic violence.

Lauren Condon said she spoke to police after she left a Calgary hotel with her father in July 2018 and claimed he beat her and stole her jewelry.

Condon, who now lives in Alberta, said she told the Calgary police officer she was raped by her dad in August 2018, and that she had been raped by him for seven years.

She said the officer told her he was in jail, but she didn’t remember the name of the officer.

“I remember the officer saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not sure if you remember,'” she told CBC Calgary’s In-Depth podcast.

“[He said] it was pretty bad and I remember him saying he had to put her to sleep and he couldn’t stop and I was crying because he was raping me.”

Condon, 22, told CBC in a recent interview that she left the hotel room where the alleged attack took place because she was upset.

In an interview with CBC Calgary, Condon acknowledged she didn’ t tell police she was a victim of domestic abuse, but said she did tell the officer that she was in custody for her father.

Her mother told police that she went to police in August with her daughter, saying she had reported her father to police because she feared for her safety.

However, Croydon said her mother told her to wait and that it would take about two days for police to investigate.

“She said that she told me to wait so that I would not be in danger,” Condon told In-Deep.

“She said she said that when she returned to Calgary, I told her I was pregnant.”

Croyden, who is now living with her mother in Alberta and wants to pursue a career in the arts, said her experiences with her parents have taught her a lot about violence against women.

“I learned a lot from them about how to treat women,” she said.

And the best thing is that we can learn from our experiences and learn from those other women.”

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