Woman’s way Magazine publishes photos of naked women

Woman’s Way magazine has published a slew of naked photos of women in its pages.

In a photo of a woman in a bikini and sandals, for instance, the magazine posted a photo on its Facebook page on Monday of the same woman posing with a camera.

“I am sure the photos you see are not our own,” the caption on the photo read.

“But, we will do our best to publish them for our readers and fans.”

The magazine also published a photo from a video clip of the woman on the beach, captioned, “A beautiful woman with her beautiful face and beautiful body in a pool of water.”

The caption continued, “Enjoy the view!”

The post went viral on social media.

The magazine posted another photo of the women with a caption that read, “Our readers are beautiful!”

The Huffington Post India’s Prabhu Gautam, however, called the photo of bikini-clad women “disgusting.”

He also shared a photo with the caption, “If this woman were not wearing sandals she would not look like this.

But her sandals are perfect.””

These are not real photos of the magazine’s editor,” he said in a statement.

“This is not our editor’s image.

Our editor has been asked to take down the photo and delete it from the magazine.

Our staff will ensure the photo is not shared again.”

The image has been shared more than 5,000 times on social networks.

In an interview with the Times of New Delhi on Monday, editor-in-chief Sreenivasan Nair said the magazine is not publishing the photo in its website.

The photo has been posted on several pages of the website and the company has not shared the photo, he said.

Nair added that the magazine has asked the person who uploaded the photo to remove it from their Facebook page.

The magazine did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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