‘Punjab: India’s ‘Indian-inspired’ women’s fashion industry’ has emerged as a ‘must read’

By Amitabh Bachchan and M.V. PrakashAnuj Pandey, and K.R. GuptaIn India, where the word “fashion” is often used as a pejorative, the term “Indian-influenced” is usually used to describe the way Indian women fashion designers have approached the fashion industry.

In fact, there is a sense in which fashion is a way of life for Indian women, said Gopal Varma, the head of fashion at the Indian Institute of Design.

In India , there is the expectation of being “indigenous”, or being “made” in a particular way.

And there are often many reasons for that.

A woman may want to be more “masculine”, and so on, said Varma.

But there is also a strong cultural influence, said Vivek Bhaskar, a fashion designer who runs the online magazine “Dia,” which features fashion models.

“The word ‘Indian’ in fashion means a certain kind of femininity.

It is about having feminine qualities,” he said.

“You have to think outside of the box to achieve this kind of feminine sensibility.”

India is the second largest fashion market in the world, after China.

It also has a thriving online fashion industry, which has helped the country become one of the most influential in the global fashion industry in recent years.

A recent survey by the Indian Design Institute found that 85% of fashion bloggers were Indian-born, compared with only 14% of designers in the United States.

While some Indian designers have been making strides in creating their own designs, there are other trends that continue to influence the fashion scene in India.

For example, in 2015, India’s largest fashion retailer, the Inditex Corporation, launched its own fashion website, InditeX, with more than 20,000 designer items for sale, according to Inditexs India website.

Inditex’s website is currently the second most popular fashion website in India, with a combined 30 million visitors.

And it is growing rapidly.

It now has nearly 4 million monthly visitors.

Varma said that the company was not concerned about the influence of the fashion press, or the criticism that Indian designers receive.

“It’s about having a voice, and being heard,” he told Quartz.

“The most important thing is that fashion is an indigenous and a cultural phenomenon, so there is no question of making an Indian-infused label,” he added.

“But that is also an Indian brand, so we have to be aware of our cultural and linguistic identity.”

Varma said he believed that designers like Anuj Pande are “very conscious” about their heritage, but acknowledged that there is an “other side” to the Indian-inspired trend.

“We need to find the right balance,” he advised.

“There is a lot of talk about the ‘Indian brand’ but the fact is that the brands are actually more Indian.”

The influence of Indian designersVarma also pointed to a trend in the fashion world that is often mischaracterised.

“For example, there have been a lot people who have accused Anuj of being ‘Indian in her style,'” he said, adding that there was a perception that “Indias designers are too conservative”.

“But the fact of the matter is that Anuj is one of a small number of Indian-educated designers, so she’s one of many Indian designers.

She’s one who has a very different style from what many other Indian designers do.”

The idea that the fashion market is dominated by Indian designers has not been well received, said Indiatimes Editor-in-Chief Ravi Jain.

“Some people feel that Indian design is a niche industry and that there are no Indian designers,” he wrote in an email.

“This perception is partly true,” he explained, adding, “there is a big market for Indian designers in India and abroad.”

For example in London, there has been a boom in the use of Indian designs in the UK’s fashion scene, and in the past few years, Indian designers like Bibi and Shree Shree have become popular fashion icons.

In the United Kingdom, designers like Giorgio Armani, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs have all had huge success in the US, and Indian designers are a common sight in fashion houses such as Zara and ModCloth.

The popularity of Indian fashion designers in Europe and South America is also growing.

“I think this is a trend, but it is not a trend that is growing fast in India,” said Shabana Shah, the chief editor at Glamour.

“But it does feel like it’s getting stronger.”

Glamour India, a publication based in London that is home to many Indian-American fashion designers, recently featured

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