Vatican unveils new collection of magazines with ‘women’s issues’

The Vatican on Thursday unveiled its latest selection of women’s and women’s independent magazines, all of which have women covering the covers.

Women’s magazine Vogue, the influential and long-running, now-defunct, Vogue Swim, and the women’s fashion magazine Viva, as well as women’s publications Women’s Health, are among the publications slated to be revamped.

Among the magazines that have been announced are Vogue’s swimwear section, which features swimwear by fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Delevingne and Alessandra Ambrosio, as Wellness magazine, the journal of women who live their lives with health and wellness, is among the magazines to be renamed.

Women are also expected to be featured prominently in magazines like the fashion and fitness magazines Elle and Elle Men and the beauty and fashion magazines CoverGirl and Glamour, according to the Vatican.

The magazines are slated to become part of the new VOCOM (Women’s International Council) initiative, which aims to provide a more equitable representation of women and women-friendly content across all the Catholic churches.

Pope Francis has already established a new women’s initiative in Italy, where he is set to meet with women leaders from the Church’s religious orders on May 16.

The Vatican is also launching the VOCON, which will focus on the issues of women empowerment, empowerment of the family, and gender equality.

The new magazines will be released in the next few months, the Vatican said in a statement.

The Vatican did not specify when or where they would be released.

The VOCONS initiative aims to build and expand an inclusive, progressive, and diversified space within the Catholic Church.

The magazine initiative is also expected with the creation of a new international network of magazines and magazines focused on the Catholic community, as the Church seeks to build an international network that reflects its values, principles and missions, the statement added.

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