The Washington Women’s Magazine is closing its doors for the summer as part of a strategic reorganization.

The women’s lifestyle magazine will close its doors and its online publication will also be shut down in the coming months.

“We are in a strategic review process to determine what will best meet our current and future needs,” a statement from the publisher read.

“Our commitment to women’s issues will not be compromised by the short-term challenges of the new business environment.

We are grateful to our loyal readers and supporters and will continue to operate in a way that provides the best value for them.”

The Washington Women is one of the oldest magazines in the country.

Its founding editor, Mary Kay Henry, was born in Alabama and has worked at WOW since 1952.

Her website, The Washington Woman, says she is a “leading advocate for women’s rights and a champion of freedom of expression”.

“My work as a columnist and columnist-in-residence for The Washington Magazine is one that has shaped the future of the magazine and its readership, but the editorial direction of the Washington Women has not changed,” the site reads.

“I look forward to continuing to write about and promote women’s topics and issues of the day as I continue to grow my business and build our online community.”

The Washington Magazine will be closed and the women’s business will continue on with a strong and vibrant online presence.”WOW’s website has not commented on the news.

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