Woman’s Weekly sweepstakes opens for online entries

Women’s Weekly is offering a sweepstakes for the women’s lifestyle magazine, a new venture in the industry that is hoping to attract more readers to the site.

The magazine’s website is live, but it has no online storefront and only a handful of digital outlets.

The new online business is called Women’s Global Beauty and the company says it will open a “vastly expanded digital and print” section this year.

In addition to its women’s magazines, Women’s Health will also be launching a new online magazine, Women and the Body, which will include articles on weight loss, dieting, and skin care.

Women’s Global Health will be available in print, digital and on-demand.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the company’s cofounder, Kristin D. Mazzetti, said she wanted to create a new “brand” that is both informative and engaging.

“Our goal is to reach a broader audience of women, to provide women with a wealth of information on health and wellness, and to be a place where they can be heard,” she said.

The company says the digital platform will be free and will be accessible for women around the world.

“This is our vision of a future where women can have access to a platform that offers them access to information that will be relevant to their own lives and their communities,” said D.M. Mzzetti in an interview.

“We think this will change the way women look at their health.”

In the first three months of the year, Women Global Health has attracted nearly 2 million visitors to its website, with nearly 60,000 readers and 1,000 subscribers, according to the company.

The women’s health magazine, which is also available on iPad and Kindle, has been the target of online threats in recent months, including a fake article in the Wall Street Journal and a post on the online gossip website Gawker that accused the magazine of having “secret ties to the CIA.”

In a statement, a Women’s magazine spokesperson said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Women Global to help them become the global destination they have always wanted.

We’re excited about being a part of the Women’s health industry that will offer women the information they need to make informed decisions about their health, body, and lifestyle.”

We hope our readers will be thrilled to read the new women’s global beauty magazine on Women Global Beauty.

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