‘You’re not a man if you don’t look like one’

Newsweek is reporting that the publication’s top women’s writer, Sarah Jones, has left the magazine.

The magazine is known for its provocative style and provocative covers, and it has also been known to have a conservative bent.

Jones’ departure comes after she was the magazine’s most popular editor, the magazine said.

Jones joined the magazine in 2004, and her first book, “You’re Not a Man if You Don’t Look Like One,” was published in December 2006.

The book focused on the ways women in the business are not respected, and the ways that some women are afraid to say or do things because they fear the backlash, the company said.

She left the publication after she launched a new book series, “Why I’m Not a Woman.”

The title was changed in January 2019 to “Why Not a Girl?”

The magazine has been criticized for being more concerned with fashion than its women’s issues, and has also drawn criticism for its treatment of black women.

“If you’re not white, straight, cisgender, straight-acting, straight and male, you’re a man,” a man who goes by the online name of ‘B.T.’ wrote in a tweet earlier this month.

“This isn’t about feminism.

This is about how you’re perceived, your value, your position in society, and what you have to do to get ahead.”

A spokesperson for Newsweek declined to comment.

Jones has not yet responded to Newsweek’s request for comment.

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