Irish Women’s Magazine ‘Gave Up on Being Feminists’

FLORIDA, May 5 (UPI) — Women’s magazines have given up on being feminist, and have shifted their focus to more important topics, according to a survey of Irish women’s publications.

The Women’s Media Center for Education (WMCE) conducted a survey on the women’s media landscape with more than 10,000 women and women’s organizations across the country.

The results of the study show the women are not just reading about politics and feminism anymore, but are actively involved in creating content and pushing for changes in their community, WMCE Director Joanne Moxey said.

“We’ve seen a lot of change in our society, especially on the issue of women’s rights, and a lot more women are coming out to speak out, not just in the media, but online,” Moxie said.

The study also revealed that the majority of women who read or listen to the women in the Irish media do so to learn more about women’s issues.

“The women are learning how to be more active in their own communities, and how to challenge societal norms, and that’s what we want them to be learning,” Maxey said, adding that many Irish women feel that the media does not represent their views or values.

“There’s a lot less content about women in Ireland, and there’s a lack of diversity in the stories, which is really frustrating,” M Coxie said, citing the Irish Parliament’s recent decision to strip female members of all seats in the upper house.

The majority of Irish publications, including women’s outlets, are also focusing on their political views, with many of the country’s most prominent publications including The Irish Times, The Irish Sun, The Herald, and The Irish Examiner.

The Irish News Agency reported that a majority of publications were focused on social issues, including family issues, the death penalty, and the legalization of cannabis.

The survey also found that more women than men are choosing to become political leaders in Ireland.

Nearly half of women in Irish newspapers chose to become politicians.

“Women are really becoming politicized,” M Oxey said of Irish media.

“When you look at the issue, we have to do more than just look at our politicians.

We have to look at all of our communities.

We need to look and learn about the issues facing us.

We also need to be politically active.

And we need to speak up.”

The Irish government recently announced it would legalize the use of cannabis in all adult venues.

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