‘Men of the night’ – How to get laid with the best of them

“Men of Night” – Men who can make you love them the most.

“If I’m going to have a romantic encounter with someone, I want to be able to kiss them right in the kisser’s face.

I want that.

I can’t do that in a book,” says Ramchandra, a 28-year-old software engineer who’s a passionate lover.

He says he’s had “one or two” men ask him to write about them.

The book aims to help men overcome the “problem of getting laid”, Ramchappa says.

It has an introductory chapter that’s “very intimate, and if you read it carefully, you realise that it’s a lot more than that”.

“It’s the truth of the matter,” Ramchaka says.

“It was a lot of people who had a hard time getting their hooks in.”

A man can become a great lover, says Ramchiar, “but a lot less than a woman can be.”

He adds: “Women have to be the focus.

A woman is a woman, she’s an equal partner.

If a man gets the chance to meet a woman in person, he will be more attracted to her than the other way around.” “

There’s no other way.

If a man gets the chance to meet a woman in person, he will be more attracted to her than the other way around.”

Ramchanda, Ramchandas, and Ramchadis friends say the book has helped them in finding love.

Ramchandi says he feels “like a superhero”, while Ramchands girlfriend, who is an entrepreneur, has “a lot of confidence” and “never felt anything other than comfortable”.

Ramchani and Ramchiari are working on their next book.

They’re also hoping to launch a podcast.

Ramachandra says he wants to “keep making men happy” by “giving them a chance to feel the love that they need to feel in the world”.

“I feel like I have to give them love,” Ramcha says.

And to Ramcha, the “love” is “for the people that I have been making love to for the last 15 years.”

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