The new Women’s Lacrosse: A Lacrosse Journalist’s Guide to Women’s Sports

“I’ve been writing Lacrosse magazines for years now.

I’ve worked with women’s lacros since I was 11 years old, and that’s when I started covering the game at the beginning of the decade.

Since then, I’ve traveled the world and spoken with thousands of people, including coaches, coaches, players, parents, and fans, to talk about the sport.

I’m an advocate for women’s sports, and I think this book is a great example of what women’s sport can look like and what we can do to improve it.”

— Julie L. Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Lacrosse Magazine Source ABC News article “Lacrosse has been my passion since I first played it in high school.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a player I’ve never been a fan of.

The game is fun and easy to play and there’s a lot of passion about it.

There’s a real desire for the game to be better, and the more I understand it, the more excited I am about it.”

— Katie L. DeMarco, Editor-in-Chief of Lacrosse Mag (Formerly Lacrosse News) Source ABC Sports article A Lacquetist’s Manual: The Essential Guide to Lacrosse (Published June 8, 2019)”I’m so happy to be able to share my work with the world, and to be sharing the best stories about the game with so many people.

It’s an exciting time in lacrosse and there are so many great people on the internet who are making the game even better.”

— Megan K. Williams, President of Lacquet and Founder of Women’s Sport Online (Former President of Women Lacrosse) Source ESPN News article The Best Lacrosse Books in 2018: Lacrosse and the Power of Words (Published February 27, 2019; updated May 1, 2019, March 1, 2020)”For me, this book was an opportunity to give back to the sport by creating something that I thought would be a great resource for those interested in Lacrosse, Lacrosse-related journalism, and all things related to the game.

There are so much great stories that are told through this book, and it is an amazing source of information and entertainment.

I was lucky enough to be invited to edit the book, as I was very involved in the Lacrosse World Cup and the Lacquerettes Pro Series.”

— Amy C. Hargrove, Editor of Lacqué Magazine (Former Executive Editor of Men’s Lacquet Sports)Source ABC News Source article A Laxology: What Lacrosse Is and Why It Matters (Published May 30, 2018; updated April 6, 2018, March 14, 2018)”This book is definitely an introduction to Lacquetry.

It covers everything from the basics to the more advanced topics of the game, and even offers a glossary of terms you might not have heard of.

I especially like the fact that it’s written by a woman, which makes the book feel like it’s not just a book for men, but for everyone.”

— Jennifer H. O’Sullivan, President, Women’s World Lacrosse League (Former Senior Writer of Women in Lacquet Sport)Source ESPN News source ABC News

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