Woman’s day is a little shorter in Australia: ABC News

The number of Australian women going to the gym has fallen in the past few years.

The National Women’s Day falls on Saturday but the women’s day falls on Monday in Australia, but there is a short week in the middle.

The reason is a lack of time.

Women can only work out three hours a day and are also limited in the number of exercise they can do.

And while the average woman in Australia is exercising three to five times a week, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says that’s not enough time to do all that.

“We know from research in Australia that the average daily physical activity levels are less than 15 minutes a day,” said Dr Jill Cairns from the NHMRC’s Health and Wellbeing Institute.

“That’s just for the most part, and that’s just not enough.”

Dr Cairn said the Australian government could take action to make it more effective to exercise for the long term.

“It could be an incentive, like having a car or a gym membership, which is really, really helpful, but we’re also talking about a long-term commitment,” she said.

“If you’re a woman in your early 20s who’s currently doing nothing else, then that’s going to be a problem.”

A lot of women who don’t have a regular gym membership may be looking for something that will help them meet that challenge.

“The NHMrc said people who do exercise at least three hours each day, or do more than five hours a week for at least 30 minutes a week would not have to spend a day in hospital.”

The majority of people who are exercising at least five hours and not just three hours are likely to have no hospitalisation,” Dr Cairs said.

Dr Cairs said it was also important to remember exercise was not just for women.”

Women in Australia spend less time on physical activity than men,” she added.”

They spend more time on leisure activities, including walking or cycling, and they spend more money on physical exercise than men.

“Dr Julia Tarka from the University of Melbourne said a lot of Australians would have a hard time breaking a sweat.”

For women who work out a lot, you could say they are not as active as men,” Dr Tarkas said.

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